Is a Very Real Thing I have often Discussed how Deadly Bat Guano is on Your Immune System Bat Urine is Toxic to Your Brain. You Might as well  be Huffing Paint. Talk aboutaTrip You Don’t want to take! Bat Urine Contains a Cocktail of Parasites and Toxins. The Bat Urine will soak into Your…

Do You Have a Bat Problem?

Are You Getting Bats Flying Around The House? Have you been having health issues? It Could be the #BatGuano… Bat guano has been linked to a Number of respiratory illnesses. Mainly Asthma, Histoplasmosis  and Tuberculous. If You Have a Bat Problem Call (226) 600-5597 And Order Your bat Inspection Today

? How are Bats Entering My Home?

There’s 101 Different Ways a Bat Can Enter Your Home How Are Bats Getting Into My Home? Bats Can Get In Anywhere There is a Gap or an Opening the Size of The Thumb or Larger The Most Common #BatEntryAreas Are The Chimney Around the Chimney Under the Flashing Under Shingle Joints Under Eaves Under…

Raccoon, Squirrel, Possum, Bats in Your Attic, Walls, Soffit?

No Matter What Your Pest…Whether #Bat, #Raccoon, #Squirrel, #Chipmunk, #Possum, #Rat, #Mouse, #Mole, #Vole, #Skunk, #Groundhog, #Rabbit, #Pigeon and or #BirdsInVent #WildAnimalRemoval Has a Solution Call (226) 600-5597 and Book Your Property and House Inspection Today. @AnimalsGetOut