Squirrels with No Fur

What Does it Mean when you see a Squirrel with No Fur? Squirrels will Pull out their fur to make the nest for their babies. So if you see a bald squirrel on your front porch… She’s Probably Living in Your Attic. Once the Squirrel Babies are born, it’s quite common for the Mother to…

Squirrels Becoming a Nuisance?

Have You Noticed More Squirrels in Your Yard Than Normal? This Morning Up Woke Up and The Squirrel Demanded Coffee! Do You have a squirrel problem? #SquirrelProblem  @AnimalsGetOut  ‪#‎AskThePestExpert‬ Whats Your Pest Problem? Call (519) 743-7378 (905) 670-7378 (226) 600-5597 http://boocoopromo.com/AskThePestExpert/ #GetRidofYourSquirrelProblemToday

Squirrel Baby Season will Be Early

This Weather Has The Squirrel Babies Coming Earlier Than Usual We used to get Snow that stuck around in October Now… It’s more like the end of December… We’ve had allot of Green Christmases in Ontario. Thanks to the Climate Change that Everyone Says isn’t Happening! Well The Animals Say Different! The Climate Change and…

Is Something in My Vent?

I Thought it was the Wind but, I Think I Have Squirrels in My Bathroom Vent….What Do I Do? Squirrels will often Chase Birds into a Vent… Looking for Food. Settling for a Sparrow or two. While having a Munch on the Sparrow n his Bunch of Goodies… The Squirrel Realizes How Nice n Toasty…

Ayr Pest Control Services (226) 600-5597

Are You Looking For Wild Animal Removal Services in Ayr? Ayr Do You Have a Raccoon, Bat, Squirrel or Skunk Problem? So Ayr If You Would Like to Solve Your Wildlife Problem Call (226)  600-5597 AnimalsGetOut@Gmail.com