Raccoon Babies Are Moving Around Now

Raccoon Babies Are All Different Sizes Right Now While Baby Raccoons May Look Cute, and they are…but in Your Attic they are like little Villains Ripping apart peeing and pooping all over Your Insulation and Attic. They Will Chew Your Wiring and Beams….They have been Known to Chew through Ceilings and Walls. The Baby Raccoons…

This is when the Fights Start

If You Have Raccoon s in Your Attic The Next Couple of weeks will Get Pretty Noisy Then The Babies Come and it’s all Downhill from there… The reason it will get Noisy is the Very Fat Mamma! She Knows that the Male will Eat the Baby Raccoons. So she will spend the next two…

The Raccoons Are Getting Very Fat

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Ayr Raccoons Are Acting Crazy

Warning To Ayr Residents: Raccoons Usually Very Timid towards Humans, have been Charging at People and Attacking! Ayr Residents, Do You Have Raccoons in Your Attic, Vents, Chimney? Do You Have Pets? Young Children? Then You Need To Call (226) 600-5597 Get Your Free #RaccoonInspection Today! AnimalsGetOut@Gmail.com Or ThePestControlExpert@Outlook.com