Bats will only Semi-Hibernate with this Weird Weather…
They will follow the Heat, which can Lead them into Your Duct Work…As The Bats Crawl They Excrete Guano… The Guano Dries and is Swept Throughout Your Home…#Airbourne for all to Breathe
The Guano Dust Gets in Your Lungs
It Can Cause Cancer, Tuberculosis, Asthma, Immune System Failure and Even Death if Not Treated.


There Are 101 Ways a Bat Can Enter Your Home


#BatGuano Hasn’t Been Swept Up
It Piles Like That Because The #BatColony is #Roosting
Along the Beams
Probably Blended into the wood for Years Before the Colony got So Big that Someone Noticed.
It’s Usually the #BabyBats You Catch Loose in the House