Is Something in My Vent?

I Thought it was the Wind but, I Think I Have Squirrels in My Bathroom Vent….What Do I Do?


Squirrels will often Chase Birds into a Vent… Looking for Food. Settling for a Sparrow or two. While having a Munch on the Sparrow n his Bunch of Goodies… The Squirrel Realizes How Nice n Toasty Warm This Vent is.

“I can Work with this” he says!

And The Squirrel Moves His Whole Fam-Damn-ily into Your Vents, Chimney and Attic.

It’s a Squirrel Invasion!!!

All Because You Didn’t #SquirrelProof Your Home.

So Whether Your Have or Have Not You Need to #AnimalProof Your Home today.

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