Possum Removal Services

Possum Endup Sleep’n in the Strangest Places!Possum Removal Services

Possum are a Cleaver and Very Resourceful Species. Possum Have the Best Of All Worlds…They have Strong Clawed Paws that Make it Easy for Digging Grubs n Holes.

The Possum Will Burrow Or Climb…Which ever Keeps them out of Harms Way. Now The Legend is True, when a Possum Releases There’s No Way Out it will drop n Play Dead. It actually works very well for them unless the Predator is Human.

The Possum has a Jaw Like a Pitbull Their Teeth Razor Sharp. Their Jaw Locking Down on their Prey.

It was the Opossum that Brought Rabies to Canada. Yup, The Rabid Coons n Possum Hitched Rides on the Transport Wagons then Trucks.

If You Have a Family of Possum in Your Attic Or Under Your Deck.

They Need to Go, Spring is Coming and If You Don’t Do Something Now… You’re Gonna Have Real Problems in 2 Months When the Possum Babies are Born.

So Call (226) 600-5597 Today and Solve The Possum Problem, Before It Becomes a Possum Situation!