I Have Bats in My Attic in Acton

I Bought The House now I find I Have Bats… The Bats are in My Walls, in between the floors and in My Attic.

I Live in Acton, What Can I Do To Get Rid of My Bat Problem?

Hello and Happy Halloween,

It Looks Like You need a Full Bat inspection of Your Property. @AnimalsGetout Needs to Find out Where Your Bats are Getting in and How Many Bats There are in this Colony.

We Can Determine How Large the Bat Colony is by how far down they are in Your Home. If The Bats are only in Your Attic, Then Your Problem is Pretty Much Contained. But if the Bats are Through-out  Your Home Like You Say Then, @AnimalsGetOut Needs to #BatProof Your Home from top to Bottom.

That Means, @AnimalsGetOut Will Go Around The Outside of Your Home Inch By inch and Anywhere the Bats Could Get in Will Be Sealed. @AnimalsGetOut will Also install One-Way-Doors. Which is the Most Humane Form of Pest Control.

Once the #BatDoors have been installed and Everything Capped and Sealed all you need to Do is Wait. The Bats Will Go out  and Won’t Be able to get back in.

If You are in Need of Bat Removal Now is the Time to Call

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