It’s raccoon distemper season, police say | Sarnia Observer

Lambton OPP says it has received 41 calls since Sept. 1 of raccoons “acting weird.”Police said in a press release Friday that the virus canine distemper, which raccoons and dogs are predisposed to, is prevalent in the fall.“If you encounter a raccoon that is ‘acting weird’ or ‘acting cute’, it has likely contracted canine distemper,” says the release.According to the OPP, the virus affects the respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous systems, and raccoons with distemper may move slowly and stumble.They can also lose their fear of humans, appear blind, confused, and may become aggressive if cornered.A mucus discharge will often be present around the eyes and nose of the animal, and may be accompanied by coughing, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, seizures or chewing fits.While canine distemper does not pose a threat to human health, it can spread to dogs that haven’t been vaccinated.Police say anyone who encounters a raccoon with the symptoms should contact their local animal control or police office.They shouldn’t approach the animal, or feed them, according to the press release.

Source: It’s raccoon distemper season, police say | Sarnia Observer