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Ground Hog Removal Ontario(226) 600-5597GROUND HOGS DIGGING HOLES ALL OVER  YOUR YARD?Ground hogs love the Snow. Ground Hogs Love to Slide on their Bellies through the Tunnels that they have dug through your back yard. Snow acts as an Insulator allowing Ground hogs and other underground creatures freedom to totally destroy your backyard!…That’s What you Get to Look Forward to This WinterIf you Do Nothing About Your Groundhog Problem!Ground hogs can dig a complete system of tunnels under your property. It’s easy to find their holes this time of year as ground hogs will leave a mud trail in the snow. Although Older Ground hogs will hibernate. Younger Ground hogs – Usually because they  haven’t eaten enough  have run out of food stores and are hunting for food….anything will do!Ground hog holes can be dangerous for you and your pets. Fresh Snow can cover the ground hog holes. You could step  a Ground hog hole and twist your ankle. If your dog were to fall in a ground hog hole they could be in big trouble. Ground hog eat anything, but they like steak and potatoes just like us. The last place your want your dog this time of year is down a Ground hog hole!!! Ground hogs are used to moving through their tunnels your dog isn’t and could end up dinner if you aren’t careful**A Baby Ground Hog can be just as Dangerous as an Adult.If a Ground hog is hungry, growling and walking toward you  – IT HAS EVERY INTENTION OF ATTACKING YOU!!!Ground hogs are the number 1 rabies virus carriers in Canada.Get Rid of Your Ground Hog Problem Now BEFORE THE BABIES ARE BORN THEN YOU HAVE TEN TIMES THE HEADACHE!!!

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