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There’s 101 Different Ways a Bat Can Enter Your Home

How Are Bats Getting Into My Home?
Bats Can Get In Anywhere There is a Gap or an Opening the Size of The Thumb or Larger
The Most Common #BatEntryAreas Are
  • The Chimney
  • Around the Chimney Under the Flashing
  • Under Shingle Joints
  • Under Eaves
  • Under Siding
  • Louvre Vents Are Like Hotels Signs Saying Come Stay Here
  • The Most Common Way is through an Open Unscreened Window or Door
#AnimalsGetOut Suggests You #BatProof Your Home

By Bat Proofing Your Home
You are Ensuring that While There Might Be Bats Outside…
they Won’t Be in Your Attic Doing This….

Because Bat guano is THE LAST Thing You Want in Your Home
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