Squirrels Be Crazy!

Squirrels Be Like…

Yeah… So I’m All Excited… Khadar Wants To Take Me Out…. He Says He Has Somethin Important To Ask Me…. HeHEheHe…. Maybe I’ll Finally Get Out of This Nut Farm… I am Done With Country Life….Oh  HeHehe Maybe He’ll Take Me to the Big City!!! TeeHee I Can’t Wait!

Now Sit Down Son… I Think We Need To Have a Little Chat Before you Take My Daughter Out Tonight….
Now…. What Exactly Are Your Intentions Toward My Daughter?
She Is The Cream of The Crop And I Won’t Have You Wrecking Her Future!

… Well Sir I Plan on Askin Cheri To Marry Me Sir.
We’re in Love
I Want to Take Her to the Big City… Where She Can Shine!
Maybe Even Make it Into Movies

Well You Just Keep it Clean Till You Make Her an Honest Squirrel!
There Will be No Hanky Panky under THIS ROOF >>> I TELL YOU!!!

Ooooh Mon Cheri I Can’t Liiiiiiiiiiiive Without You…
Will You Marry Me and Make Me The Happiest Squirrel That Ever Lived Here?
I Shall Find You a New Castle…. Only The Best House Will Do … For You  My Sweet 🙂

OK Truly I Didn’t Think Your Dad Could Arrange a Wedding So … Quickly…

Ohhhh Father Don’t They Make the Cutest Couple? Sniff Sniff… Doesn’t It Remind You Of Our Wedding? Sniff Sniff
Yeah Ma She Looks Every Bit as Beautiful as You Did
Last Year When I Married You  🙂
We Do Make Cute Squirrels… Oh And You’ll Be Happy Ta Know I Found Them a Place in the Big City
It’s a Real Castle.. and It’s Right Next to a Movie Studio
You Know Cheri Has Her Mind Set to Be in the Movies… So I Thought it was Perfect For Them
And Lots of Room for a Big Family
Check it Out I Took Some Pic Love

See It’s a Gated Community… So We Don’t Need To Worry About Vagabonds 
See Mama There’s a Nice Tall Tree For Them To Climb Up n Git on the Roof Easily  Yeah I Arranged it all Last Week When I Was There For #SquirrelCon
Ooooh Husband I Brought You Some Fresh Nuts…. Where Are You Baby?
Z-Z-Z-Z Oh High Honey… Z-Z-Z I got a Job as a Surveillance Squirrel in the Park 

… My B-B-Bad
I should Asked Where They Were Gonna Install The C-C-Camera … Before I took the Gig….
I’ll Tell You!!! I Think Those Humans Have Lost Their Walnuts!

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