Get These Bats Outta My House!

I’ve Gotta Get Rid of These Bats If It’s the last thing I Ever Do!!!! 

AnimalsGetOut Will Get Rid Of Your Bat Problem Because That’s what WE Do! Call 519-893-PEST (7378) 

How Do I Know The Bats Are IN My Home? 

If You are Seeing Bats This Time of Year They Have Been there all Winter. 
And These Bats Have No Intention on Leave Your Home on Their Own! 

How Did The Bats Get In My Home? 

A Bat only Need The Size of a Dime to Squeeze through an Openning and In… It’s Very Easy For a Bat To Slide Under an Un-Capped Roof Vent… Or Side Vent… Or Loose Soffit or Flashing… 

How Does @AnimalsGetOut Get Rid of My Bat Problem? 

We Will Remove The Bats Through Sealing Any Opennings That 
A Bat Could Enter… 
Including Special Capping For Vents and Chimneys 

#AnimalsGetOut Will Also Remove All Contaminated Insulation, Wood, Drywall 
and #BatGuano From the Attic , Walls and inbetween the floors…. 

*AnimalsGetOut* Will Disinfect to Sanitize the Area 
and Give You a 3 Year Guarantee on All Work Done 

So Call (519) 893_PEST (7378)Today and Solve Your #Bat_Problem Before it Becomes a #Batty_Situation! #Kitchener_Pest_Control_Services_519_893_PEST_7378 #Waterloo_Pest_Control_Services_Call_893_PEST_7378 #Cambridge_Pest_Control_Services_Call_519_893_PEST_7378 #Guelph_Pest_Control_Services_Call_519_893_PEST_7378 #LocalPestControlServices_Call_519_893_PEST_7378 #Find_Ontario_Canada_Pest_Control_Call_519_893_PEST